Joy of Misgivings in Skunk Hollow

by Lee Jeffrey

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released September 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Lee Jeffrey Duluth, Minnesota

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Track Name: Together
From one to another that joyous mouth spread. Little to none set on heads and called halves by another who’s stayed longer and seen a hell of a lot more of this spectacle. Longer steps, larger clothes and a wicked thirst for company well dressed and well said that say “get here please and do this for me now.” The door is locked and the key’s under the rug. Where there’s a bed there’s a home, last time we touched arms and had a nice goodbye. There’s stranger’s clothes on the bed and in the drawers. Little to none known of whether or not I am still your friend … Back and forth you run to me across the city, and I’ve got these hungry arms to pull you out of your hole again.
Track Name: Rifle
If the wheel won’t turn then it’s the rust, was another day there weren’t curse words for the gifts to us. If the stubborn ear won’t turn aside, let me tell you it’s all chauvinistic gutter cry without striking bands, drowns before it lands. Rifle on your way, nothing on your face. Bare-naked and all exposed. Always try to feel at home. Watching us are other eyes bathed in light, all are welling up a rain alike. Spring home where I stay, can you stay the rain? … See the pieces falling all around.
Track Name: Sunflower Lean
Sunflower, lean into my arms. The quarter slipped inside the only payphone, the town preferred it’s distance from your home. Your splendid voice was gold against the static. My heart it crept its way into my mouth. You said, “My doll, you leave your weight upon me - each tired day the suitcase it does call. You’re not alone, alive you sing inside me. Ends reached the notes an angel breathes in song.” … I hung the phone, left tears over the ground there. Some sort of truth was coming down that day. I struck a match and set it to my clothing. Old rags were burned, they’d soaked in gasoline. I vomit words that’d struck some arteries. They laid in pile, the birds they came to feed. I wiped my mouth and I stood within a heaven. Naked I come, we’ll write off misery.
Track Name: Nudist Slams the Door and Leaves
All along a longing to expose the skin around your bones, underneath of all your clothes – then they that cling too small let’s remove. Your greatest injury will be undone, oh! There is such a place on a beach far away, you may lay your head down and in peace there believe you feel settled and good like a drug in your blood, brushing sand off your back, you’ll never be back. Slammed doors hinges liberated. Heavy breath leaving and swallowing hard you took to the curb in the rain. They’re believing that you’ll die but you won’t, no! Clothed in freedom alone, wandering on a road only occupied by settled dust, no more eyes drinking in your tall glass, judging sins of your past, your face stings and it’s red ‘cause they slapped when you said, “Join and touch against me.” You got hurt and you bled from what they did when you said, “Feel the wind on your back, join and touch against me and yourself be at rest.”
Track Name: Propping Up Sways
Born in a good line from sea to shining sea. We’re fed and keep eating shit nobody needs. There’s good room to lie down in the ruts we keep warm, oh! If innocence seems as a mirror to me, soon a cigarette burns, soon I settle the score, there’s a lust to pursue and glass breaks at my feet. There’s a similar theme seen as separation just outside of some’s reach. Our worldly vows they don’t hold weight anymore – right through the hands.
Track Name: Senjem Fire Song (The House)
Let sleep the worms where they lie, we’ll find the dark and light just try to meet ends. In wife and kids the trust that you own is fake. The head of the table’s gone and the house in it’s wake. Awful to say. Our love’s at stake. Let twist the trails that lead me where I’ll pray to God for crumbs or a sign. Ten miles until just one bench or stepping stone, I won’t follow the lead of the blind toward my place in the ground. Awful to say. Our love’s at stake. Tall grasses lean on lazily the sides of brick in our country. Touch red the cheeks of blue June days of straying nowhere fine. Awful to say. Our love’s at stake … See swept into arms like a visitor, purposes - birth two hair long beaming an innocence, beautiful rays in the eyes of whose hands building fire destroys hearth and home of which heaven’s been wished.
Track Name: Three Days
Take comfort in knowing we sit behind knowing comfort well. Brick walls will catch on our stitches to make use of our hearts made of leaves. From this angle your features are sad, but there’s some closets full of things that you know. What is home now? We’re playing with chaos and it’s hard to say who will win in our lives. Show me some comfort, I know your sighs. Show me some comfort in my life … Take comfort in knowing the weather got much colder as soon as you arrived. In their driveways, the kids on their bikes as parents took an axe to their favorite trees. Ones we wrote on back when we were younger when we thought we knew what love really was. What we know now is love can hardly exist with how much dirt we kick right into its face.
Track Name: Like Hell
I took a bite and spat it out. The bitter taste inside my mouth still lingers on, though palate be so without any amount of buds to lay and roll about ecstatically as they all want to do. I wanted that, too. So, in bout open turned fist, swings hard to miss the intended. Winced at light, narrow eyes assist in our seeing less. Hair is standing up on necks. Molars crush together in our mouths, hurting us like hell. Paint me red, paint me grey. Outside all store windows say at said price, be heaven bound. On display, a wedding gown. What chest you stand on is mine, everybody’s lips divine. We dragged dead weight along with us to the grave, when joined kissed us. Blood rushing in mighty rivers. Fanfare sings down in the canyon, oh! Screaming child symphony turning like a wheel spun wide. History in upheaval - all a little stale by now.
Track Name: Last Has No Money
Coveted gold in throes. An older man digs through the trash for things unworthy to touch with bare hands. The welfare that he is afforded, what has been thrown away. Never mind these ones the eye is too shy to see, all their belongings, the dirt underneath. Never mind. Never mind, human race, because I am ahead. Coveted gold in throes. Hungry meek set their backs into the rope, or are pulled into the sky by one secured around their throat. Clambering out of what ditches, suitable not for a bed, humming the tune you and I sing, halo around a smeared head. Fabled man reaches out a hand, I spit and shake again.
Track Name: Black Eye Hymn
Unless our rest repeals the sight inside of our eyes, I look for gold. I look for gold. Shaken out off the hill, I saw each fight. Every suitor chases heels. They love a black eye … They said it was most heavy work but all sang that heavy hymn. That book’s closed and I’ve got pages. I’ll feel that balmy water again and stay in.
Track Name: No, I Don't
Injured, able, mild temporary child. Great homestead concern grown from joyous work. Nothing with be spared, no one will be saved.
Track Name: Joy of Misgivings
Laying off all that I do. Trying too hard to be true. When I look all around in their eyes, all I see is some hardship. Hardship, hardship, that’s hard shit. Hard shit. Let me kill the truth … but it wouldn’t get easier then. All of the desperate few like hawks in a carnage’s halo, beholding all this hardship. Hardship, hardship, that’s hard shit. Hard shit. Now a quietus truth … Embody the earth to come under our feet. Imprint to venerable body unseen. Who we are’s scarred to a beautiful form like a canyon of love to its depth in its harm. In array of our cancers a perilous charm - in everything that was done and everything that we do.
Track Name: Four Lines to Five Women
Bye-Bye Lady for a little while, patience to my seasons. Turning face to the sun, healing everyone. See you, Sister when you’re coming home. The wind’s switching direction. Meeting odds with a broom, you’re sweeping the room. River-liver by labor of love with long awaited baby, you’ll be up with the moon. He’ll be walking too soon. Glory, Glory with a love of days, hanging by a necklace in soldering bloom, grand in her view. Nurse is saving lives the floor above. Her door is always open. I hear you calling your boy. Tell him everything good.